Web Design & Development

Engage your audience. Make a lasting impression.

9 out of 10 times, customers have already made up their minds. Yet 9 out of 10 times, they are willing to change their mind. Anyone who visits your website, or any website for that matter, does so not because they do not know what they want. They know exactly what they want. They are looking for information that will help them crystallize their decision. When they come across a website that gives them what they want, they are happy. This is the power of information. Use it to your advantage.

At CMC Interactive, we endeavor to create user experiences that resonates with warm welcome, making every website visitor feel like it’s worth their while. How? Well, to start with, it requires a lot of technological knowhow and ingenuity but mostly, it requires sincerity and we have it in spades.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Improve your visibility. Draw more visitors to your website.

Your online customer is confident. They take snap decisions. They buy with a click. That’s because they compare products before they make up their mind. If you don’t feature in the comparison, how are you even going to compete for their choice? More than half the visitors to any site come through search engines. Getting a higher search engine ranking is therefore the first step to making a sale.

At CMC Interactive, we have a pragmatic approach to search engine optimization. Our SEO strategies are aimed not only at search engines but also at the user. On an average, people spend less than 20 seconds on a webpage. Content therefore has to attract algorithms and also have emotional and rational appeal. Keywords and links are just one part of the equation. Our acuity of search engine functionality is complemented by fresh, hardworking content. We believe that effective SEO strategies can bring the customer closer to a buying decision.

Social Marketing

When customers become friends, business becomes pleasure.

Online user behavior is constantly changing. A few years ago, search engines were the most visited sites. Today, social networking is what most people do most of the time when they are online. 1 in 6 minutes online is spent in social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter. No wonder, all the top brands have an established and active presence on Facebook.

We believe that your social media presence is as important as your brand website, if not more. Branded social networking sites and blogs are among the top direct influencers of purchasing decisions next to retail or brand websites. The reason is obvious. Customers are more relaxed and receptive to marketing messages when they are on a social networking site. It also provides brands a great opportunity to converse in a credible voice. From creating a familiar brand environment on social media sites to conducting persuasive social media marketing campaigns, CMC Interactive offers a range of social media solutions.

App Development

Creating customized UX environments, programmed to delight your customers.

8 out of 10 internet users are also online buyers. More than half the online purchases are being made on the go, either through mobile websites or apps on smartphones or tablets. There is a big digital divide that separates market leaders from the rest. On one side you have the early adapters and on the other, the technology laggards. There is no doubt which side you would want to be on. We can help you make that digital leap.

CMC Interactive leverages technology tools to launch internet-ready applications. We enable clients to capitalize on online retail opportunities. We encourage a collaborative work environment where UX design teams work closely with program developers, coding experts and engineers. The result is a seamlessly integrated interface environment that makes it easy for clients to reach customers. We develop and deploy applications across multiple devices and operating systems thereby effectively widening your reach and empowering your customers.

Logo Design & Corporate Branding

A good logo design involves depth. It is born from understanding.

Design is more than a clever composition of colors, shapes and graphic or visual elements. It’s an interpretation and expression of your brand personality. It is the first thing that catches a customer’s attention. It connects and interacts.