About CMC Interactive

CMC Interactive is a digital catalyst. A creative online marketing agency, we enable entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses to capitalize their strengths and create a dynamic online presence. Based in Pequot Lakes, MN, CMC Interactive has been empowering professionals, business organizations and even social institutions such as schools and hospitals worldwide to create and implement effective online marketing strategies since 2009.

Every click counts.

Transform your website with a design approach and content strategy that attracts not just attention but involvement. Encourage your audience to become your brand ambassadors, who spread free word-of-mouth publicity through engaging online marketing campaigns that can go viral. These are just some of the many ways in which we help our clients grow their online following.

How are we different?

We listen to our clients, we tune into trends and we pay attention to how customers behave online. We stay informed and we transform this knowledge into effective, strategically sound marketing activities.

We are small in size, big in ambition.

No client or job is too small or too big. We stay focused on our clients’ strategic goals to produce extraordinary work and deliver exceptional results. We support our clients to stay smart so that they can stay ahead of the competition.

People are looking for you. SEO makes it easier to find you.