Why Choose CMC Interactive?

If you talked to your friends the way most brands talked to customers, very you’ll soon have few friends left. From being confident and charming to being persuasive and soliciting or even condescending, advertising and marketing messages have led customers to become immune to brand propositions and mistrust marketing claims.

Communicating with customers is no longer a mass media exercise, it is a one-to-one interaction. Customers are not paying attention to advertising or other marketing communication messages as they used to. Why? Your customer knows that marketing messages are not always authentic.

We don’t have all the answers.

Who does your customer trust? Where do they go for reliable information? What influences the buying decision?

What can we do to make a brand real and credible instead of superior or better? How to enable design to become more intimate and influential with the customer rather than being merely impressive? Which heartwarming stories can we tell that are more relevant than simply stating facts?

We ask the right questions.

Every project takes us (and our client) on a branding journey through unchartered waters. There are no maps or guidelines. No directions to follow. We ask questions and we look for more than one answer because there usually is more than one way to do things.

We ask questions that challenge the status quo and motivate us to explore new ways. This is how we believe we can help our clients make meaningful connections with their customers. It’s not because we have all the answers. Nobody does. It’s by asking questions that really matter.

A team that’s always the A-Team.

When you call us, you can expect to have a conversation. In other words, you are not just talking. We are listening. You are talking to someone who is interested in what you have to say and is therefore carefully listening. After all, if we don’t listen to our clients, how can we make meaningful messages or design and deliver communication solutions that resonate?

At CMC Interactive, there is no B-Team. This means every person you will interact with does not just have professional prowess but is also full of passion. Website design wizards, social media evangelists, creative thinkers and strategic planners collaborate to realize specific marketing and communication objectives such as website design, SEO, logo design and corporate branding, social media marketing, creating customized UX environments and mobile app development.

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